Holy Quotes

f a man's heart has been purified … he will see the image of the divine nature in his own beauty.

St. Gregory of Nyssa (330-395AD) on the Heart
Mini-Bio: Cappadocian; bishop, theologian

Saints throughout the Age of the Church

Elijah ... Will come; the Jews will believe; AntiChrist will persecute; Christ will judge; the dead will rise; the good and the wicked will be separated; the world will be burned and renewed. All these things, we believe, will come to pass; but how, or in what order, human understanding cannot perfectly teach us -- we will know only when we have experienced the events themselves.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD) on the Apocalypse
Mini-Bio: North African; bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church

Holy Quotes from the Popes of the Church

Pray like Jesus. Pray intently. Pray today, always in the confident communion that prayer has established between us and the Father. Because it is to a father, it is to the Father that our humble voice is addressed.

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