Catholic Note

ome non-Catholic Christians believe that Baptism is necessary and sets us free from sin. Many others think it is merely a symbol of one's desire to follow Christ, having no real effect upon the soul. The Catholic Church teaches that Baptism is both necessary for salvation and regenerative, causing us to be reborn as children of God. Through Baptism we receive the life-giving, sanctifying grace of the Holy Spirit. This grace wipes away Original Sin that stains each soul because of the fallen nature we inherited from Adam and Eve. The Church prescribes Baptism by water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as the normative gateway to God and his family, the Church. While most Protestants agree the Baptism is a good idea, many do not believe it is really necessary; and many think is un biblical to baptized babies. The Church has baptized infants from the earliest times and continues to do so today. The Church also teaches that catechesis must follow Baptism to properly assist the baptized on his Christian journey. Some fundamentalists believe that the only acceptable Baptism is by immersion. Both immersion and sprinkling are acceptable forms of Baptism in the Catholic Church. To learn more about the Church's teaching on Baptism, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church CCC 1213-1284. "The Church is the extension of Christ's incarnation, and that extension takes place through the sacraments" (Scott Hahn , Swear to God, Page 22)

Commanded by Christ and taught by the Apostles.

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