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Father, I read your answer regarding communion in the hand and I wanted to ask if it is true that at Vatican II, the bishops voted overwhelmingly to retain the traditional manner of receiving on the tongue, but disobedient bishops allowed this practice anyway? After this abuse spread and persisted for many years, then the indult was granted to avoid conflict in the Church. So are we allowing something to happen as a result of disobedience? Should we encourage people to stick with tradition because of the benefit it brings to themselves and the Church? Thanks and God Bless.
Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 11/13/2008:

AsI said in a previous entry, reception in the hand was not done by a matter of 'disobedience', but, as I've been told, though a permission given to the US Catholics through their bishops' conference."


  1. There are far better ways to demonstrate to God your reverence for Him than following protocol.

  2. Father,
    Your repsonse was totaly inadequate for a subject as important as the respect for the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ as represented in the Eucharist.
    As for decisions by the bishops' conference, they have become notorious for the apparent aversion to true Roman Catholicisim.