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EWTN.com - catholics marrying out of the cathic faith: "catholics marrying out of the cathic faith

Have conflicting advice from Priests and Nuns. As a practising Catholic. Can I attend a wedding of a non practising Catholic (baptised, my sister) held outwith the Catholic Church. Also if a Priest is present and gives a blessing are they classed as being allowed to practice should they wish to return or do they need to marry again. Also what are the Churches teachings on reiki. my mother recently went for respite to a Roman Catholic hospice which offered reiki as one of its therapies. I have tried to reseach but get conflicting advice thanks god bless anna
Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 10/29/2008:

A marriage that takes place involving a Catholic without a properly delegated priest or deacon and two witnesses is non-existent due to the lack of canonical form. It would be scandalous to be present at such a ceremony.

I am not clear on what the priest is doing that you are asking about or envisioning.

Reiki is not a matter of canon law."

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