Mexican Bishop Reiterates Church Teaching On Homosexuality

The director of the Mexican bishops' Family Ministry Office issued a statement reiterating the Church's teachings on homosexuality.

Bishop Francisco Javier Chavolla told CNA that he hopes his statement will clarify what the Church teaches about those who have homosexual tendencies and the pastoral care they should receive.

He noted that the teaching that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered is based on natural law because '(same-sex couples) do not produce genital complementarity and are not ordered towards the procreation of the human species.'

At the same time, he said, the Church distinguishes between homosexual acts and homosexual tendencies, the latter which 'does not of itself constitute a moral disorder. The homosexual act, however, is considered a moral disorder and objectively grave sin.'

In accord with the teaching of Jesus, he continued, the Church extends mercy and understanding to practicing and non-practicing homosexuals alike, 'recognizing their personal dignity and status as children of God, above all.' The Church exhorts them to live in chastity with the aid of penance and the sacraments, as 'all Christians are called to holiness' and 'to follow the will of God.
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