EWTN.com - 'Gay Marriage' Fight Revived In New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's attempt to push for 'gay marriage' in New York state has again brought out supporters of traditional marriage who say the proposal threatens to create an 'Orwellian' redefinition of the basic truth about marriage.

'Marriage is the fundamental building block of society. It has been from time immemorial,' New York Catholic Conference communications director Dennis Poust told CNA May 16. 'We believe that what this bill would do is separate forever the link between marriage and procreation, which we think would have a devastating long-term impact on society.

'The state ought to be looking at ways to strengthen marriage as we know it to be, rather than changing it and watering it down and being politically correct and saying marriage is something other than what we know it to be.'

A New York bill to recognize same-sex 'marriage' failed in the state Senate in 2009 by a vote of 38-24.

Gov. Cuomo, who took office this year, has characterized the issue as a 'fundamental civil rights battle.' However, he will not introduce the bill unless he is certain it will pass. His administration is trying to coax more votes from undecided legislators by gradually increasing pressure instead of twisting arms, the Wall Street Journal reports.
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