Utah CCHD head supported gay 'marriage

The new head of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) at the Diocese of Salt Lake City is a former political candidate who supported same-sex "marriage" and the promotion of contraception in the schools; she also opposed attempts to tighten Utah's abortion law.

Jean Welch Hill, who ran as a Democrat for state attorney general in 2008, took over last week as director of the diocesan CCHD and the Peace and Justice Commission. She will also serve as the government liaison, acting as a lobbyist for the diocese.

Hill's 2008 campaign was backed by Planned Parenthood and the homosexual lobby group Equality Utah, with contributions from each.

"I just think this shows incredibly poor judgment," a concerned Catholic member of the diocese close to the situation, who asked not to be identified, told LifeSiteNews about Hill's appointment. "It's very troubling that someone who is for all intents and purposes pro-Planned Parenthood, and who is against school vouchers, and who is a partisan Democrat, is representing our diocese to the government of the state of Utah."

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