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Banners were placed over two controversial anti-abortion billboards in Englewood by a group described as "social workers and community members," who did not want their names used, claimed responsibility for the act in a statement emailed to the Tribune. The group said the ads were disrespectful and did not represent the views of the community and that "it wanted to replace the negative, condemning message with a positive one." (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune / April 4, 2011)

Controversial billboard ads recently unveiled in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood that target the disproportionately high rate of abortion in the black community have been covered by opponents less than a week after they went up.

Two of the three identical ads - which feature an image of President Barack Obama and the words "Every 21 minutes our next possible leader is aborted" - were covered with fabric banners with messages scrawled in red paint.
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