USCCB's Membership In a Pro-Abortion

Matt Smith has published more information on the USCCB's problematic membership in the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Calling it LCCHR's "Greatest Hits," Smith juxtaposes the civil rights organization's opposition to the Federal Marriage Marriage and support for CEDAW with the Catholic positions advocated by the USCCB.

Why would the bishop's conference be a member of an organization that lobbies for abortion and same-sex marriage? As Matt Smith comments:

Even if the USCCB claims they do not sign onto every coalition letter led by LCCHR, the organization does not delineate with their press releases or other materials which group has joined their voice on a particular issue. The Bishops’ Conference claims “non-partisanship,” however, when you read through the legislative priorities and past actions by the LCCHR it lines up with the Democrat National Committee platform. The Bishops’ Conference paying dues and being listed as a “coalition member” raises serious concerns about the type of representation being made of Catholic teachings to the Congress and Executive branch. Further participation with such groups will continue to highlight questions of neutrality and effectiveness in articulating the teachings of the Church in Washington.
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