Fined for Calling Abortion “Killing”

The Catholic weekly magazine. Gosc Niedzielny (Sunday Visitor), published by the Archdiocese of Katowice in southern Poland, and which became famous last year after its editor was fined for calling abortion “killing,” just became the country's best-selling weekly. The magazine has just surpassed the leftist publication Polityka, which held the monopoly on #1 selling weekly for over 20 years.

Puls Biznesu (Business Pulse), a major business daily, reported that while other major weeklies have been losing readership rapidly over the past year, mostly as a result of the current financial crisis, Gosc Niedzielny has seen its readership steadily increase. At the turn of 2010, the magazine overtook Polityka with a circulation surpassing 150,000.

Puls Biznesu went on to predict that the Catholic magazine may continue to grow in popularity as more advertising revenue is generated once the news of their first place ranking becomes widely known.
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