The Wisdom of Lent

Allison Ricciardi
Well, lent is upon us once again, my favorite time of year. Odd considering it is a season of penance and agony_in_garden_stained_glass.jpgfasting, but I always look forward to it. Part of the reason is that it heralds the coming of spring and new life. Time to clean out the flower beds, put away the snow shovels and look forward.

From a psychological point of view, lent can be such a fruitful time if observed well. The spiritual disciplines of lent of fasting, prayer and almsgiving help us to overcome our sinful tendencies and build spiritual muscle to help us throughout the year. To so many, these things seem to be an archaic throwback to medieval times that appear irrelevant in our modern age. But our modern age is one of indulgence of every desire and instant gratification. These are actually deadly for the soul…and I may add deadly for relationships, especially marriage.
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