Quotes on Mary

cripture meditation: You will sing as on a night when a festival is celebrated, and have joy of heart, as when people go with flutes to the mountain of God. Isaiah 30:29

Reflection: Rejoice and be glad, for you have the Blessed Virgin for your Mother. Serve her with great joy, for she is very deserving of it. Have recourse to her in all difficulties, and you will always be helped.

St. Joachima Vedruna de Mas (1783-1854AD)
Mini-Bio: Spanish; mother of eight children, widow, founded the Institute of the Carmelites of Charity

Prayer: O Mary, I thank God for giving you to us as our Mother and I rejoice in your saving help. May I stay close to you in good times and in bad, for you are keenly interested in all that concerns me.

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