Why Be Catholic?

Dr. Jeff Mirus

There are plenty of reasons to be a Catholic, and the mix of motivations can have as many variations as there are people. For me, however, the very first reason that comes to mind is that Catholicism is the only religion in the entire world that has a logical and consistent approach to the problem of Revelation.

Authentic religion, if it exists, must be either natural or revealed. Apart from ideas made up from whole cloth, human reason and intuition can supply a certain amount of religious information: The fact of God’s existence, the certainty of creation, man’s imperfection and dependence, the obligation in justice to honor the Creator, even the significance of man’s yearning for immortality and his sense of something greater than himself. This is natural religion; it has been all but universal throughout history, though it is frequently mixed with ideas from other sources which may be more or less corrupt.
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