Judie Brown

Kathleen Sebelius, current governor of Kansas and alleged Catholic, has distinguished herself in many ways. Most disturbing among them is her long-held support for the act of abortion. It is this single attribute that perhaps makes her attractive to President Obama as he sets his sights on her as his nominee for the post of secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

By the way, those words, "health" and "human services" have a whole lot to do with the defining characteristics of the Sebelius era in Kansas.

For example, out of a sincerely held, very deep belief in the jaundiced view that abortion is nothing more than an aspect of reproductive health services, she has gone out of her way to embrace the culture of death. Her opinion, based on her statements and actions, is that every mother should have the right to choose to end the life of her own preborn child.
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