Abstain from Meat

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Q: Are we Catholics still supposed to be abstaining from meat on Fridays? Or has this definitely been done away with?

A: Lent has just begun, and we Catholics are well aware of the obligation to abstain from meat on Fridays until the Easter season. Vince’s question, however, doesn’t specifically address Lenten abstinence, but rather the traditional requirement that Catholics refrain from eating meat on Fridays year-round. As we all know, few Catholics actually follow this practice any more. But is that because we are no longer required to do so, or because the majority of Catholics are actually ignoring church law?
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  1. Friday's are meant to be a day when we as Catholics perform a special act of penance, in remembrance of Good Friday. Traditionally, this was abstaining from meat on Fridays, but while we are not any longer required to do this, we must still do something as a special act of penance. So abstaining from meat is still required, if we do not perform another act of penance.