St. Michael’s Catholic Hospital in Toronto Flying Gay Pride Flag in Lobby


St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, a Catholic hospital, is flying the gay pride flag in its lobby, has discovered.The Toronto Catholic hospital has a history of supporting the gay pride agenda. In 1999 it was revealed that the hospital was listed as a “bronze” level sponsor of Gay Pride Week in Toronto, having donated a significant sum of money to the event. The week’s activities included a homosexual men’s picnic at Toronto Island’s nude beach, and a “dyke striptease unlike any you’ve seen before,” amongst other similar events.

Recently, in comments made to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (OHRT), prominent homosexualist activist Rev. Brent Hawkes lauded St. Michael’s Hospital as an example of a Catholic institution that had turned its back on Catholic moral teaching in the name “a greater public good.”

Hawkes was quoted in an OHRT decision, as its “theological expert,” as saying that the Canadian Christian charity, Christian Horizons, could be expected to follow the example of St. Michael’s Hospital in renouncing its Christian identity in the name of “a greater common good.” The Tribunal invoked Hawkes’ testimony about the hospital in its decision to force Christian Horizons to no longer require its employees to sign an agreement to hold to core Christian teachings.

Hawkes described how he approached St. Michael’s Catholic Hospital in Toronto with concerns about their treatment of homosexuals. The Catholic hospital, said Hawkes, responded in a way that he did not expect. They immediately “educated their staff on gay and lesbian issues, they started to treat gay and lesbian couples as full couples before the law required them.”  He added: “They put a rainbow flag into the foyer, they put signs up for Pride Day.”

The flag which Hawkes referred to in his statements appears to be the same flag that is currently flying in the lobby.

Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholic responded to the recent revelation about the hospital, saying, “It is sad to see St. Michael’s hospital promoting the homosexual agenda.  In the past the same hospital has funded the ‘Gay Pride’ parade. A Catholic institution should know well that promoting such a destructive lifestyle is against Christian charity.  The idea behind such a decision is gravely malformed.

“While trying to be positive and welcoming, the Catholic hospital is in fact encouraging people in a lifestyle which is hurtful physically, psychologically and, most importantly, spiritually.”

Repeated attempts to contact representatives of St. Michael’s Hospital were not returned by press time.

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