Communion in non-Catholic church


Is there any law or rule within the Catholic Church that references such subject? Specifically, I would like to know the Catholic Church's position on Catholic persons having communion in non-denominational churches where they the bread and wine are blessed prior to communion (scuh as citing the verses in Corinthians beginning 11:23). Also, what are the ramifications if a non-catholic person has already had communion in such non-demoniational churches.



Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 12/14/2008:

Well, your last question first, there are no ramifications in the Catholic Church if a non- Catholic participates in a non-denominational communion service.

However, a Roman Catholic should not participate in a non-denominational communion service. Check out Canon 844, paragraph 2, of the Church's Canon Law. You can get this from the Vatican website.

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