Receiving Communion in Greek Orthodox

Question from Mitch on 10/22/2007:

My 20yr old daughter, who is a practicing Roman Catholic, is dating a Greek Orthodox young man. Her boyfriends sister is getting married in their Greek Orthodox church and my daughter is in the wedding party. My question is can my daughter receive Communion at this marriage ceremony? Thanks and may God Bless EWTN

Answer by Rev. Mark J. Gantley, JCL on 11/1/2007:

It is my understanding of Greek Orthodox canon law that baptized individuals who are not Orthodox are not admitted to Holy Communion. It would be important for a Catholic to respect the canon law of the Orthodox Church, even in situations when it is stricter than the Catholic canon law.

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  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2008

    The celebration of the Divine Liturgy is not a part of the Orthodox Christian Sacrament of Marriage Service - at least not in most Orthodox jurisdictions.

    However, wedding couple, a man and a woman, receive from the Common Cup which is wine blessed by the priest and offered to each partner. Each partner drinks three sips from the Cup. The wine symbolizes the bitter and sweet moments of married life that the couple will share. The Common Cup also reminds them that God will bless them throughout their life together.

    No one else is offered the Common Cup.

    Therefore, there should be no concern whether or not non-Orthodox people will not be offered Communion.

    I hope this clarifies the concern.