Jesus' Agony In The Garden

Question from Andy on 11/4/2007:

Thank you Dr. for the great work you are doing for us. The Rosary is my favorite devotion and as I pray the sorrowful mysteries, espically Jesus' Agony in the Garden, I wonder if he was asking God to spare us the cup he was about to drink, instead of thinking of himself. God bless you!

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11/7/2007:

Dear Andy,

Being a full man as well as God, Christ quite naturally had fear, dread and sorrow about the suffering he knew that was ahead of him. He could not help but feel this since he was human. At the same time his human will was in perfect union with God and was ready to endure the sufferings that he knew was coming. Nevertheless he did sweat blood. Your thought that Christ also wanted to save us from such suffering has a point. A regular human being could not have sustained such suffering because the though of it would have killed them right on the spot. Only the God Man could have endured the thought of such suffering. By the same token, Christ did not wish to shield his following from all suffering. That is why he provided us with the model of how to suffer. And that model is to seek the help and grace of God in our suffering.

Dr. Geraghty

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