Chicago exorcist

As the official exorcist for the Archdiocese of Chicago, it's the Rev. Jeffrey Grob's job to expel demons from those cursed by the devil. But when it comes to demonic possession, Grob is the first to admit he's a skeptic.

When he receives the call - 'Father, I am possessed by the devil' - he doesn't drop everything, grab a black bag and run to the victim to say some prayers.

'If only it was that easy,' said the 49-year-old Wisconsin native, who spoke Friday to a crowd of more than 100 people at a Catholic Citizens of Illinois forum titled 'The Consummate Deceiver: The Devil in the Modern World.'

Instead, he approaches with caution. According to the Roman Catholic Church, exorcism is a rite performed only by a select number of priests to drive out evil spirits that, on rare occasions, can infiltrate human beings.


  1. He's right acting with caution, but we cant deny the devil is anywhere in the modern world.

  2. To WHom IT May Concern:

    I hav ebeen experiencing a spiritual batte for almost 3 years now. I ask for prayers online, but I need more assistance. There is a conversation that I have no part of and eery now and then words that sound like my voice interject or voiceover what i want to say. I pour my heart out in the online prayers, but I still need help.

    Hear is my lastest prayer:
    I am weary. The truth is in my prayer. I am a good woman and I love the people of my life very much. I am grateful for being born and for all the beautiful peole of my life. I need their prayers answereed. THere is a conversation that I cannot hear. I want to go to heaven and see those people save here on earth and in Haeven. I need to be using my two Masters degrees for the good of Yahweh and the people I know and love. Please kick the d out of my way. SAve souls. Help me love and be filled with the knowledge and wisdom that comes with knowing Jesus. Please shower me and the poeple of my life with mercy, grace, and blessings. Jesus is my hero and I am a good woman. I long to be the blessed woman that I have always been and need the poeple of my life flourishing and their fervent prayers answered. Please save. I WANT TO LIVE> I LOVE JESUS> I am woman and I dream of being a good wife and having blessed children soon I hope. I'm green and
    I pray that Jesus will take away the unkind voice that sounds like me and help me love Jesus with and the people with all my might. I used wear my heart on my sleeve and many men took advatange of that. I'm ready to live blessed as before with wonderful people and celebrate life. I want to find Jesus again. I have prayed to Jesus all my life. PLEASE SAVE! Nesecito mi vida como antes mi buena, mi afortunada. Concerned about church status. They call this thing "dad".

    I hope someone will be able to heel me and answer the prayers of the people I love. I need them to continue living flourishing and I need to love the people so much. I have so many gifts to share, if I could find the woman that I know and love. I want to become saintlike!