CCHD-Backed Network Not Worthy of Catholic Involvement

Bishop David Ricken of Green Bay has issued a letter to two interfaith groups affiliated with the Gamaliel Foundation, warning them that if they do not sever their relationship with Gamaliel they will lose the diocese's support.

The bishop's letter is particularly significant in light of the continuing controversy over the U.S. Bishops' domestic social justice arm, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which has a history of funding Gamaliel affiliates.

The bishop emphasized that he values the work of these organizations, called JOSHUA and ESTHER, but made it clear that their affiliation with Gamaliel, a national Chicago-based network of community organizing groups, through the state umbrella group, WISDOM, was problematic because Gamaliel espouses principles contrary to Catholic teaching.
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  1. K M TurmanMarch 01, 2010

    As a Baptist pastor who leads a Gamaliel affiliate here in Detroit I wish the Bishop would clearly state what his concerns regarding Gamaliel are. Vague references to incompatible principles are without value. We believe that our faith demands that Christians organize and involve themselves in the issues that affect our lives and our community. We have made meaningful progress on issues related to fairness, equity and justice. If the bishop has suggestions of how Gamaliel affiliates could do more or do better we would welcome a chance to meet with him.