Holy Quotes

he Spirit creates joy, and joy is effusive. This, too, is a testimony that you can and must offer to people of our time, so often made cold and unhappy by selfishness.

The Catholic Church is the work of divine Providence, achieved through the prophecies of the prophets, through the Incarnation and the teaching of Christ, through the journeys of the apostles, through the suffering, the crosses, the blood and death of the martyrs, through the admirable lives of the saints… When we see, then, so much help on God's part, so much progress and so much fruit, shall we hesitate to bury ourselves in the bosom of that Church? For beginning with the apostolic chair, down through successions of bishops, even to the open confession of all mankind, it has possessed the crown of teaching authority.

We ask that this bread should be given to us daily, that we who are in Christ and daily receive the Eucharist as food of salvation, may not by heinous sin … be prevented from partaking of the heavenly bread, may not be separated from Christ's Body.
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