"Vademecum" on Apparitions?

Civitavecchia and Medjugorje represent the most recent and sensational cases: places where the alleged visionaries say they have had and continue to have apparitions of the Virgin, even if Our Lady would simply give them absolutely inconsistent messages from a theological and spiritual point of view . The result: the faithful are bewildered because of the evidence that the Church not only has not yet recognized them as truthful, but will hardly approve them in the future. As we know, however, the caution of the Church is very great in the matter: there are hundreds of cases of apparitions rejected and branded as false in the past fifty years. Nevertheless, there are those who continue to swear to see the Madonna, drawing to their places crowds of desperate faithful, many times in search of a miracle or a grace that, however, does not come.-Read More.


  1. Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje. January,22, 2009.

    I write with regard to the article on Vademecum on Apparitions. I have visited Medjugorje several time and I have seen certain signs which science cannot explain. I believe that the Blessed Virgin is appearing there each day. I suggest that anyone who has not visited Medjugorje yet should go.

  2. I have read many events of Our Lady of Medjugorje and for Mary to deny the authority of the bishop is astounding. This so-called 'apparition' is just a twisted version of Lourdes, and especially Fatima. That is my belief and it is not being kept hidden. The children who are now grown up have mansions and tons of money while Bernedette and the children at Fatima- two died and the two girls became nuns!

    God Bless us All +