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Question from Ronan on 12/7/2007:

The website Catholic Culture in a review for a website by a Baptist says that we should keep the man who run's the website in our prayers because 'since outside the Church there is no salvation'. The website is implying that he and all protestant's are going to Hell which is not what the Church teaches.I thought Catholic Culture was a orthodox website which was faithful to the teachings of the Church but it is teaching in error. Go to the Catholic Culture website and search for 'just for catholics' in it's search engine to see this. The website is

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 12/8/2007:

Ronan, I can't take on the responsibility of patrolling the many websites that claim to be Catholic. Just don't have the time to do this. Why not strike out after dissenters yourself????? Most of the posters are very well instructed in their Faith to serve as serious representatives of Catholicism. With the loss of so many priests these days, our good laymen and laywomen might have to serve in ways we priests used to be able to serve. God b less. Fr. Bob Levis

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  1. I Have stumbled across this post accusing Catholic Culture website of stating "outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation"..
    They stated no such thing...
    They have a "review" of different web sites that claim to be Catholic...and the one is question..." just for Catholics" was given a "red" light.. Danger....and rightly so..
    please click on link for their review of the Baptist web site that is mis leading Catholics by their name.. I know this is late ..but I hope it clears things up regarding Catholic Culture...